The Break Up Diary

My thoughts, impressions, feelings, and opinions as a single woman after a lifetime of commitments to others, other than herself.


I can’t remember our last kiss. In a way, I’m glad because I wouldn’t want to be transfixed on one of our last moments as a couple. I wouldn’t want to dwell on the last time and moment my lips were one with yours. I can’t remember our last hug, our last laugh, our last smile…together. I may or may not recollect these moments but that matters not anymore.

The one thing I do remember is the last time we were together. When in the middle of painting my nails a vibrant red, you, unannounced, knock at my door. I was upset. Upset that you lied about running away. Upset that you had the slightest thought I would just simply take you back. No, not this time. I had made up my mind. I left you, and I will always remember that.

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